Self Sabotage:Fear Immersion Fear prevents us from reaching our full potential. In the previous series of podcasts, we traced back the fear from early childhood experiences and also explored the effects of PTSD in creating a fearful persona. In this podcast, we explore the most common fears experienced by us and we explain a great technique called […]

The Tibetan 9 purifying breaths

The 9 purifying breaths The 9 purifying breaths is an ancient Tibetan breathing method which focuses on the release of anger, attachment and inner insecurities.  As the right action is one of the pillars of the eightfold path in Buddhism, this practice is essential if one wants to adhere to the eightfold path. How do […]

Breathing for anxiety

Is the obvious statement true? We have all heard the famous line that “you need to breathe deeply when you are feeling stressed”.  However, how much of it is actually true? I have heard from different people that when they practice deep breathing, the practice just makes them feel more anxious.  What if we are […]

Coping with panic attack

As per Selye (1936), stress can be defined as the non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.  However, what happens when the body gets overloaded with emotions?  What happens when the mind completely shuts?  What happens when you lose control over the situation?  If all these things happen a bit too much, […]

Practising Mindfulness

There exists a very powerful Zen proverb which I love immensely.  It goes like this: “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two hours”.  It really hits the nail on the head.  We spend our lives over committing ourselves so much to so many things that […]

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