Developing Wisdom

Along with ethical conduct and Mental discipline, developing Wisdom is an important aspect towards enlightenment. Mental discipline allows the mind to settle and makes us become more aware. Being aware of one’s thoughts and emotions helps us to understand ourselves and others better. Once this is attained, we understand deeper truths like Impermanence and no […]

Ethical Conduct:Sila

Sila means the ethical conduct and is one of the pillars of Buddhism. The ethical conduct can be broken into right speech, right action and right livelihood. All the three of them are components of the eight fold path. In the podcast below, the importance of balancing the heart properties with the mind properties in […]

The Origin of over attachment

If a caregiver isn’t always present for a child, the latter can possibly develop an anxious attachment style. In this case, as an adult, the person may think that it’s important to cling to others for dear life or else, the person will lose the people around himself/herself. The following podcast goes over this aspect. […]

Fear of Abandonment: Absence of parents or primary caregiver.

Our own Insecurities as adults can potentially be traced from early childhood. It can go as far as the time when our primary caregiver, most of the time, our parents had to be there for us. In this podcast, we explore how the absence of our primary caregiver forms the belief that people will never […]

Self Sabotage:Fear Immersion Fear prevents us from reaching our full potential. In the previous series of podcasts, we traced back the fear from early childhood experiences and also explored the effects of PTSD in creating a fearful persona. In this podcast, we explore the most common fears experienced by us and we explain a great technique called […]

The Tibetan 9 purifying breaths

The 9 purifying breaths The 9 purifying breaths is an ancient Tibetan breathing method which focuses on the release of anger, attachment and inner insecurities.  As the right action is one of the pillars of the eightfold path in Buddhism, this practice is essential if one wants to adhere to the eightfold path. How do […]

Breathing for anxiety

Is the obvious statement true? We have all heard the famous line that “you need to breathe deeply when you are feeling stressed”.  However, how much of it is actually true? I have heard from different people that when they practice deep breathing, the practice just makes them feel more anxious.  What if we are […]

Motivating you to take actions

A process for motivating you to take action As human beings, we are motivated to take actions if the result is going to make a major positive difference to ourselves.  We also take actions when we scared that not taking action will put us in a very bad position.  Hence, both positive and negative outcomes […]

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