Knowing your life purpose

Discovering yourself and setting goals

Do you feel drained constantly, day in and day out?  Is it becoming quite frequent now that you don’t want to get out of your bed to go to work? Do you feel like you are not going anywhere with your relationship, career, health or business?  If all these questions seem to strike a chord deep inside your soul, I am probably asking the right ones.

We are always meeting requirements and getting stuff done.  When we reach the end of our days, we are completely exhausted to look after ourselves. How do we get out of this pit?  The problem lies here; we live our lives but we do not evaluate critical aspects of our lives and we perhaps do not ever ask ourselves what we really want in our lives.  Maybe, we knew but we forgot as we continued coping with the chaos around us.  At one point of my life, I knew teaching was the thing I had to do.  I would teach for free because I felt alive while I did so.  During my high school days, I would teach during break times and felt so happy to help people around.  These were early signs that I would be an amazing teacher (not being cocky here folks) but you need to know your worth.  You bloody need to in a society which tends to look only at your weaknesses but that’s another article.  

 What I do now is that every time I feel beaten up, I go back to what is really important to me.  That stays my drive, the thing that can make me move during very hard days.  It’s like focusing on the rope that will get you out of the waters when you are drowning.  If you just focus on the threat of you drowning, you are already dead.  You need to know what makes you tick as knowing it, you can devote all your energy to that goal and other things become not so important.  When your goal isn’t clear, every minor thing that happen during the day will upset you and you will use emotional and mental energy on them.  You need to find your highest purpose and invest totally in it.  Trust me, nothing will be able to shake you if you do so.

Introspection exercise


Find a quiet space and pour all you heart out with this exercise.  Ask yourself what you don’t want in your life.  This question can be linked to your career, health, private life, politics, the environment or any other thing that influences your life.  Hence, what is it that you don’t want.  I am pretty sure that the link will be very long.

This exercise helps us to understand that we don’t want a lot of things and spending time thinking about them is a waste of time.


Now write down what you really want in your life.  It’s not a negation of the previous statements in part 1.  It would have been too easy if it was.  It’s something that will liberate you.  It’s beyond the trivial answers that you may give like better health, more money, more fame and so on.  You see, each of us is born to accomplish something here and each of us has a special skill and agenda hidden deep inside of us.  You need to find yours.  What is it that thing that you want deep inside?

When I dug mine, I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people and all my actions in fact are guided by this.  I would even go far by saying that I help people who try to cause the most damage to me as well.

Let’s evaluate some key aspects of our lives which need to be in harmony so that we are living happily.  Hence, please spend some time writing down where you are in your life when you consider the following:






Be very honest while you write down where you are with each aspect as if this exercise is done well, it will be game changer for you.

Once you have those written down, start to make small changes starting with the one needing the most attention right now.  No need to do a 360 degrees change in your life.  Do small changes over the coming weeks so that you end up having a major shift in your life over a year.  Review where you are every month so that you stay on your path to the new version of yourself.

It’s time for you to take action now.

Lots of love,


Published by Suuko

I have graduated with a degree is Statistics with Computer Science. I did a Masters in Education at the University of Southern Queensland with a major in Managing and leading organisations. Along the way, I trained to be a MBSR practitioner and did my teacher training as a yoga teacher. In 2022, I was ordained as a Soto Zen Buddhist from the Dogen Lineage and became Suuko.

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