How to build momentum to your goals

Awaken your inner hero

We are all set goals.  Don’t we?  Do we meet them though?  As per the University of Scranton, 92 % of people who set goals do not actually achieve them.  Why?  I have a new set of questions to make you think a bit.

Do we feel empowered by the goals?  Do we know how to get there?  Do we really need these goals?  Are we driven to get them? Do we believe deep down that we deserve them?

I will do my very best to extract all the wisdom I have got to prepare something for you because I really want you to succeed and live a life you don’t regret.  Everything we will discuss should be viewed more as a process rather than a quick way of fixing things.  People nowadays want quick solutions rather than a solid way to build their lives.  For example, all these fancy energy bars, energy drinks and cereal bars instead to eating a very well balanced meal.  If you want something, you have to work for it, sweat if off, bite the dust, learn and grow.  That’s how it has always been and will continue to be. As from now, you either read it, philosophize it, take no action and continue playing the blame game or you hold my hand, let all these things sink in, draft your plans and take actions to make things happen so that you awaken your highest potential, the hero you are and who I want to see.

What are goals and how to create higher level ones?

Goals are meant to inspire.  They should be something that make you jump out of your bed, something that makes you want to go to work even in your worst physical and mental state.  It should be something that will make you go through your worst day at the office, your business or your personal life.  It’s something that acts as an anchor, something that makes you feel more than a man or a woman.  Something that will make you feel unbreakable, unshakeable and beyond definition.  Become something that people freak out when they cross your path because you are so pumped by your goals.

I will now go through examples so that I can explain my points and show you what I consider low quality and high quality goals.

Example 1-  My goal is to get a decent job, earn enough to pay the bills and retire peacefully.

This is very standard and lacks the drive to make you go through the bad days.  It has a limited mindset and doesn’t encourage one to get out of the comfort zone, take risks and grow.  You may be having all the titles at work, the money and the fame, but if you are not growing as a human, you are dead.  People equate money, fame and social status to happiness but I know a lot of people who are rich with a heavy bank account but miserable.  True wealth is actually genuine happiness.  If you are genuinely happy, you are winning the game my friend.  For example, Robin Williams had all the fame, money and love but was depressed.  Whitney Houston had all the fame and success but was miserable again.

Example 2-  My goal is to have the courage to get through the lousy job I have.

No matter how bad your current job or private life is, if you have a negative mindset and just complain, you are already losing the game and letting others control you.  Change the mindset to “ I have a challenging job and it makes me better every day”.  It’s the same situation but a different mindset is being used.  Make sure you are in control and your thoughts will dictate your life.  Ensure you have thoughts which empower you. If people want to judge you, let them do so. If people want to hate you, let them do so. Why does it matter to you? Do you need a pat on the back? Why expect a pat on the back? Forget about people. They don’t know you as you know you. Why care? Keep your intent pure, sharp and work. Let them dwell in their own nonsense. People want to be entertained and judge rather than grow. Dont be one of them, If you are reading this, I know you are not one of them.

So what’s a high level goal?

Let me share mine:

My goal is to be confident, passionate and work to the best of my abilities and be the best version of myself.  I want to live a life I don’t regret when I grow old and make a real difference in people’s lives by uplifting them selflessly.

This is the goal that drives me every day, guides my actions, gets me through the bad days when people beat me down or backstab me.  It’s what keeps me going and will drive the rest of my live.  It gives me chills up and down my spine and make me feel like a superhero.

In my head, I am the richest man in the world.  I teach what I love, have people who actually love me more than I love myself, have the best friends, family and students.  I actually think of them more than I think about me and it makes me feel so empowered.  As I am pouring my heart in this article, i am currently wanting you all to win, get all you want and succeed more and more and more.  Life has a higher purpose and becomes so magical.  Hence, do set them well as they will guide the quality of life you will be having.

Let’s set some goals together

I recently ran a workshop on setting personal development goals and I will give you some pointers and show you how I broke down mine so that it has a purpose and emotion to it and it really drives me every day.

Some pointers for setting personal development goals are as follows:

Consider character traits, attitudes, skills, what do you want to master?  What do you want to accomplish? 

How do you want to grow as a human being, spiritually, as a husband, wife, boss or employee?

Traits you’d like to develop can be courage, honesty, responsibility, drive, determination, compassion, understanding, patience, courage and loyalty.

Procedure:  Once we have set a goal, you need to know why you want that goal. There’s a process called the 7-layer exercise or the journey from the mind to the heart in which you are able to connect the goal set to your core being and experience the emotion linked to the goal. In the process, you set the goal and ask why it’s important. Once you answer, you ask why again. You repeat this 7 times till the purpose comes up and you are now in your heart.  My secret is that I keep that emotion alive daily so that I make a difference every day. Here we go.

Goal:  I want to be confident and passionate.

Why?  I want to be working to the best of my abilities

Why?  I want to live a life without regret

Why? I want to be the best version of myself

Why? I want to prove myself

Why? I want to be appreciated

Why? I want to be loved

Why?  I want to feel I exist

When I actually wrote that down, my hands shook and my heart melted.  When I actually taught it and gave this example to my lovely students, a few tears rolled down my cheeks too.  This is the power of goal setting when done with your heart, your soul and with full conviction.  Once you really set the goal and know the purpose, there’s really no stopping you and doors will open up, you will meet people, you will get all that you need without asking.  All the universe asks from you is that you know your purpose and you do your very best.

Lots of love,


Published by Geerish

I have graduated with a degree is Statistics with Computer Science. I did a Masters in Education at the University of Southern Queensland with a major in Managing and leading organisations. Along the way, I trained to be a MBSR practitioner and did my teacher training as a yoga teacher. I spent time sitting with a Soto Zen group during my practice. Hence, I have a soto Zen influence to my teachings. I now teach Mindfulness sessions during week ends and see people on a 1-1 basis for different things.

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