Let’s redefine Happiness

Let’ just be happy

Happiness is the one thing everyone is chasing whether it’s through objects, relationships, job titles, external validation, our bank accounts and the list is endless. However, what if we rethink of it in the following way:

We don’t become happy when we acquire. We become happy when we stay significant and let go of desire.

We dont become happy when we feel superior. We become happy by being a great contributor.

We don’t become happy when we criticise. We become happy when we help people rise.

So, let’s redefine happiness. We just live once and happiness is the one thing which everyone wants and deserves to experience.

Take care, Geerish.

Published by Geerish

I have graduated with a degree is Statistics with Computer Science. I did a Masters in Education at the University of Southern Queensland with a major in Managing and leading organisations. Along the way, I trained to be a MBSR practitioner and did my teacher training as a yoga teacher. I spent time sitting with a Soto Zen group during my practice. Hence, I have a soto Zen influence to my teachings. I now teach Mindfulness sessions during week ends and see people on a 1-1 basis for different things.

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