The ending of the dark knight movie

For the movie’s 13th anniversary, we are going to talk about the dark knight movie. Christopher Nolan’s dark knight movie is considered as a masterpiece by many people including the famous director, Steven Spielberg.  Spielberg even said that the movie was a piece of art.  The movie had 159 wins and 163 nominations.  The movie is so abstract that it will be hard to talk about everything.  Therefore, I am going to focus on the ending of the movie which to me is so powerful.  I see three important aspects in the ending of the movie.  These are the no killing rule, the ability to face the truth and the essence of a great leader/hero.

  1.  The no killing rule: Harvey’s death

While trying to save Gordon’s son, Batman accidentally kills Harvey.  This scene has been criticized a lot by fans as Batman isn’t supposed to kill.  However, it points to something important here.  The will to act in adversity is fundamental.  When there is an oppressor, violence may be the only way out.  For example, if someone tries to break into your house and tries to kill you, you must defend yourself.  The US Navy seals go through a process called dehumanization where the enemy is not considered an equal human, and this allows killing to happen in a war.  For example, in Iraq, the soldiers were okay with shooting rapists and criminals.  In an ideal world, we would not need to kill but in a realistic world, we may need to.

2. The ability to face the truth

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain”.  This is the famous quote from the movie which Batman uses again while talking to Gordon in the final scene.  This statement is so deep.  The more we learn about the world, the nature of humans and the manipulation that exists, the less we want to trust people.  It can make us become like a sort of villain.  Do we have the guts to look at the ugly side of life and keep moving positively?  If people of Gotham knew Harvey turned evil, they’d lose all hope.  That’s why Batman took all the blame.  However, Batman says that people need to have their faith rewarded.  Sometimes, the truth isn’t good enough.  What does that mean? Throughout history, many people killed out of greed for power or because of ideologies.  Hitler and Stalin killed so many people.  Right now, in North Korea, mothers are selling their children as sex slaves to China because it’s a better life for them rather than die of starvation in Korea.  Do we want to wake up to this truth every day?   The challenge is about trying to make the world a better place while still acknowledging all of this is happening too.

 3. Qualities of a great leader: He’s the silent guardian, the watchful protector and the dark knight

All the actions of batman are guided by the philosophy of doing the right thing for the people of Gotham even if it is done at his own expense.  If taking all the blame was good for Gotham, he’d do it.  It’s such a great leadership quality when we put others above us.  It is also a great act of love, honour and self-respect.  How many of our actions have a selfish motive?  Thinking about it makes us reflect and really calibrate our actions again.  Gordon also mentions that the police will hunt batman and condemn him, but he can take it.   This shows the level of endurance, resilience, and inner strength we need to have if we are going to live a life of high ideals and purpose just like the dark knight.

I hope that you found the insights interesting. Much love, Geerish.

Published by Geerish

I have graduated with a degree is Statistics with Computer Science. I did a Masters in Education at the University of Southern Queensland with a major in Managing and leading organisations. Along the way, I trained to be a MBSR practitioner and did my teacher training as a yoga teacher. I spent time sitting with a Soto Zen group during my practice. Hence, I have a soto Zen influence to my teachings. I now teach Mindfulness sessions during week ends and see people on a 1-1 basis for different things.

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