7 tips to keep your Karma clean

Keeping your karma clean

Definition of Karma

As per Indian philosophy, karma is the force that has the potential to cause people to reincarnate over and over again.  Hence, actions which are morally right result in pleasant reincarnations while non moral actions or actions which inflict pain and suffering onto others result in not so pleasant reincarnations.  Hence, how to we keep our Karma clean?  Below is a guide about what we can do.

Tip 1: Identifying your karma

It’s looking at areas where someone is stuck in.  If someone struggles with the same thing over and over again, it needs to be reflected on to identify where the problems lie.  We can check where the problems started and untangle someone from the karmic knots.  Reverting to the origin of the issue will help people to advance to their true potential.

Tip 2:  Severe toxic ties

Cutting off people who invade your field of energy with burdensome karma.  It’s about politely distancing yourself from people who bring more harm than good.  If someone’s energy doesn’t feel right, let go of the person.

Tip 3:  Take full responsibility of your life

Stopping to blame others for what is happening to us.  Our energy shifts when we admit our wrongs.  We try to do things differently the next time.  It’s not about feeling guilty or dwell in the past but consulting our karma when faced with a decision.

Tip 4 Heal your karma

People can perform actions that nourish our spirit.  They can learn to accept their karma and work with the universal cards they have been dealt.  Deeds can be done to counteract accumulated karma from long ago and contribute to wellness of the world.

Tip 5 Defying one’s weakness

It’s human nature to view ourselves as having weaknesses and strengths.  However, our weaknesses can be our hidden strengths.  They are part of us.  Healers help people to stop being victim and help them develop the courage to defy their downfalls and take the reins of karmic patterns.

Tip 6 Take new action

We need to change actions which do not benefit us.  Taking new action can help compensate all karmic debts and generate positive karma.  The highlight is that we need to strive to do good even we are not expected to.  It’s about taking care of ourselves and others.  We should act in ways we want others to act towards us.

Tip 7 Forgive everyone

Forgiveness frees us.  When we forgive, we detach from the anger, bitterness and frustration we have inside.  Bad karma feeds off anger and resentment.  It attracts people who feels resentment.  It’s our emotions that put us in negative cycles.

Much love, Geerish.

Published by Geerish

I have graduated with a degree is Statistics with Computer Science. I did a Masters in Education at the University of Southern Queensland with a major in Managing and leading organisations. Along the way, I trained to be a MBSR practitioner and did my teacher training as a yoga teacher. I spent time sitting with a Soto Zen group during my practice. Hence, I have a soto Zen influence to my teachings. I now teach Mindfulness sessions during week ends and see people on a 1-1 basis for different things.

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